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Electronic signature processes with MOXIS offer a whole range of application possibilities.
The mature technology can be connected to all common systems and enables seamless teamwork.
Let yourself be inspired and get to know some possibilities.

The Products of XiTrust in Practice

MOXIS for medical technology
Healthy Signature Processes
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Better Control

through the electronic signature in medical technology

XiTrust MOXIS can make a decisive contribution to the traceability of the production chain and the communication attached to it. Electronic signatures ensure transparency: MOXIS meets all requirements of relevant authorities such as the FDA.

XiTrust MOXIS for Sales
Spend Less for a “Yes”
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A boost for your sales

when using eSignatures for closings

XiTrust MOXIS can make a decisive contribution to sales success: the targeted use of eSignatures offers every sales department the opportunity to achieve success more quickly, and creates time for caring about existing customers and those to be.

Use Case: eSignature in industry
Keep Fit, Sign Digitally
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The electronic signature

in industry - digitization thought ahead

In the industrial sector, further development and continuous optimization are decisive factors for remaining competitive. With products such as XiTrust MOXIS and the XiTrust Business Server (XBS), industrial companies are already setting the course for a successful future.

Use Case: Digital Contract Management in the Temporary Employment Industry
More Time for Work
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Digital contract management

in the temporary employment industry

Due to changes in Germany`s Temporary Employment Act, novel solutions with respect to the management of contracts are in demand. With xIDENTITY and XiTrust MOXIS, all agreements can be handled digitally, fast and what`s more, in a legally valid manner.

Use Case: Executive Board Documents
From a Formal to a Digital Act
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Executive board documents

and the implementation of the eSignature

When you return from a business trip of several days, is your signature folder in the office overflowing and your staff impatiently await signed documents? With XiTrust MOXIS, you can sign everything that is important and urgent with electronic and legally valid signature – no matter where you are!

Use Case: Closing Contacts Online
Closing Contracts Online
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Thoroughly digital processes

when concluding contracts with banks, insurance companies, etc.

With xIDENTITY to close a contract online – our partner WebID Solutions verifies the identity of your customers via video chat, they receive a digital identity and can, for example, sign the contract to open a bank account directly via remote signature.