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The electronic signature is becoming increasingly important – both in private and business applications. We pick up current topics and the latest trends, and we highlight cultural, social and community aspects of ongoing digitization, particularly with regard to the electronic signature.

Zeitarbeit: Wecker und Kalender auf grünem Hintergrund.

XiTrust joins the Interessensverband deutscher Zeitarbeitsunternehmen (IGZ)

The IGZ represents the interests of employers in the temporary employment industry.

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Videoconference_Look over the shoulder on the screen with video conference

Fair on the screen

After the breakdown of Zukunft Personal Süd, XiTrust and partner Landwehr create a virtual alternative, the Online Meet Up L1.

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A physician in intensive care unit looking into the camera wearing a respirator mask.

The electronic signature in medical technology

The occupational field of medical technology is about health and life. Electronic signatures ensure transparency.

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Our customers, their faces and the stories behind them: Learn more about the successful use of eSignature solutions in practice and get to know the people in charge!

Hauptsitz der Kaiser Partner Privatbank

A clean solution

Kaiser Partner Privatbank based in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) relies on MOXIS.

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Gruppe von Menschen die an einer Wand lehnen und Smartphones in den Händen halten.

A simple story: Hutchison Three

Telekommunications provider Hutchison Three Austria signs with MOXIS.

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GEDAT Firmensitz Gebäude

Efficiency levers for personnel service providers

Strategic Partnership with GEDAT. Complete personnel management including electronic signatures.

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As long-standing experts in the field of electronic signatures, we pass on to you the experience we gain not least from intensive cooperation with our customers in interesting and useful articles.

A desk with a neon sign that reads

Working decentrally and remaining capable of action

In order to remain capable of acting in the corona crisis, more and more companies are now forced to switch to decentralized home office solutions. But how does that actually work? A little guide.

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A man with a laptop on the terrace. On the screen is the surface of MOXIS.

Contract management with freelancers: The qualities of the electronic signature

Stefan Thiede of GULP explains in this guest article the possibilities of digital contract management with Xitrust MOXIS.

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top of styria 2019

Clarity through the QES!

The fact that the electronic signature is the perfect tool especially for personnel service providers has a lot to do with the written form requirement.

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Security & Data Protection

The secure treatment of data and its protection has been one of the key thoughts since the foundation of XiTrust and as well, not without reason, part of the XiTrust slogan: “Creating security, developing quality.”

You snooze, you lose

You snooze, you lose

Guest author Holm Landrock on the digital catch-up demand in many areas of public administration and industry in Germany in times of eIDAS and GDPR.

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The history of e-mail and its consequences

The history of e-mail and its consequences

Transmitting messages in seconds by digital means: a milestone in the digital revolution. A journey through the success story of e-mail.

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