Electronic Seal

MOXIS devicesDigital signing of documents in a corporate manner – the electronic seal makes it possible! With the use of the electronic seal, the company stamp is digitalised. The integration into the electronic signature folder XiTrust MOXIS provides the ideal complement to the personal electronic signature.

The generation of signatures can be fully automated! Invoices, certificates and other official documents can be provided with electronic seals in large numbers automatically via pre-configurable workflows. The possibility of mass signatures offers an enormous simplification for the most diverse everyday business processes.

What’s more, personal eSignatures can also be applied to documents by sealing them in MOXIS. A document in one’s own name is signed with a digitally attached biometric name lettering and then sealed with the digital company stamp. This form of signature corresponds to a standard electronic signature (SES) and can be used for all processes that do not require a qualified electronic signature (QES). Such a process is generally referred to as approval in MOXIS. The integrity of the document content and authenticity of the signing person are guaranteed at any time!


Digital company seal

Corporate signing of documents as a legal entity

Execution of approvals

Simple option for secure, personal approvals in MOXIS – for processes not requiring QES

Automated mass signatures

Fully automated workflows for attaching electronic seals in large numbers to official documents, invoices etc.

The electronic seals used are provided by the qualified trusted service provider A-Trust and are 100 % eIDAS compliant as qualified electronic seals. Communication with the high-security centre when a signature is initiated is carried out via an interface. Only the hash value is transmitted to the Trust Center A-Trust – conclusions about the content of the document are not possible at any time.

Andreas Koller

Andreas Koller

CEO Germany & Head of Sales

“The integration of the qualified electronic seal in MOXIS opens up many additional possible applications for our customers with the accustomed security – this is a real added value!”

How to use the electronic seal in MOXIS?
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