Remain capable of action!

Remain capable of action!
04 May 2020

Even after the first loosening: the free service package MOXIS!

Since the beginning of May, measures against the further spread of COVID-19 have been relaxed in some European countries. However, the recommendations for action for living together in both private and professional contexts continue to be based on the principle of “social distancing”. MOXIS by two months until July 2020!

Companies that need fast help still have the possibility to benefit from MOXIS, the electronic signature folder, without obligation: For the duration of the restriction period, we provide you MOXIS for your signature processes for immediate use free of charge, as far as our resources allow. The system is ready for use within a very short time. Decision makers can work with it immediately.

XiTrust equips you with a 10 user team license for full use. This allows you to electronically sign all documents in a legally valid manner, from simple approvals to qualified signatures that are equivalent to handwritten ones. And this at every location in Europe.

XiTrust is there for you. So that you remain capable of acting!