Centralized decision-making – now there’s a relief from digital stress

Centralized decision-making – now there’s a relief from digital stress
25 May 2018

Companies are currently going through the process of digital transformation. This means that transactions previously processed by analog means are now being mirrored digitally. It is a complex process of transformation often associated with friction losses in daily work routines. This is where consistency is the order of the day. Nothing is more nerve-racking than constantly switching between digital and analog work methods. A prominent example involves processes that require signatures. This involves contracts, approvals, payment orders and much more. Preferably, all these transactions ought to occur simultaneously and right away. Not to mention the actual decisions. The business world places ever-increasing demands on successful companies.

The decisive factor in the implementation of digital live business is having the right tool. A tool like XiTrust MOXIS. The electronic signature folder works with remote signatures, enabling complete digitalization of all signature processes of a company, both internally and externally. In doing so, MOXIS offers the utmost degree of compatibility in docking with existing systems. With XiTrust MOXIS, all documents can be signed in a qualified, electronic procedure. MOXIS even offers this feature as standard. The qualified electronic signature (QES) is just as legally valid as a handwritten signature. At the same time, XiTrust MOXIS is it is a centralized decision-making tool. While it does not make decisions for you, it does bundle them in one place within the system, making the decision-making process within a signature transaction visible and traceable for all persons involved.

But one step at a time.

The qualified electronic signature …

What is actually an electronic signature? As a general rule, with an electronic signature, or eSignature for short, it is possible to attach at signature to electronic data via a certificate. Here, we differentiate between simple, advanced and qualified electronic signatures. Whereas the former are used for internal company processes in which legal capacity is not the main focus, the qualified electronic signature (QES) has a key characteristic: There is no more qualified way of rendering a signature. The essential characteristic of the QES is its data reliability: It is guaranteed at all times from whom the transmitted data originated and that they have not been modified “in transit”, unlike normal email traffic, where this is not necessarily guaranteed. This is subsumed under the terms data authenticity and data integrity.

The fact that this is true and the electronic signature is able to replace the handwritten one, was established through the proper legal standard within the European Union with the eIDAS Regulation. This means, among other things, that qualified electronic signatures are required to be accepted anywhere in the EU if the certificate on which they are based originates from a qualified trust service provider – which can be asserted in court if absolutely necessary. MOXIS is eIDAS compliant!

… in the form of a remote signature …

Bei der Fernsignatur wird der elektronische Signaturvorgang über das Mobiltelefon ausgelöst.With the remote signature, the electronic signature procedure is initiated via cell phone. The option of signing per remote signature is more widely established in Austria than in any other EU country. A current example confirms this: When collecting signatures for the “Don’t Smoke” referendum involving the general ban on smoking in eating establishments, the participants increasingly harnessed the option of remote signature, in Austria known as “cell phone signature”. Bearing a legal signature in this manner is considered a forward-looking trend, if one considers that the new options in e-government cover not only aspects of political participation but also traditional public agency transactions.

… thanks to a digital identity

To enable the option of using the remote signature independent of an Austrian domicile (necessary for issuing the “cell phone signature”), XiTrust offers the service xIDENTITY in cooperation with the trust service provider and partner company A-Trust. Because the prerequisite for the legally compliant signature is always a corresponding authentication, and the result is a certified digital identity. In order to obtain one, XiDentity brokers a video identification procedure requiring only 10 minutes, a valid identification document and access to a webcam. In the end, the user receives per text message a TAN for activation, and he can specify his personal signature password. The remote signature obtained in this manner is valid for five years and can be activated for all signature transactions within a company, but also privately, e.g. for loan applications.

The remote signature alone, is not enough, however.

eSignature and digital transformation in the company

  • How do you integrate this modern form of signature into the processes of a company?
  • How do you take into account already existing processes?
  • How do you keep from turning everything upside down in order to make the option electronic signature immediately available?
  • How can a signature process be rendered as easily as possible?

The answer to these questions is XiTrust MOXIS, the electronic signature folder.

The dashboard of XiTrust MOXIS, the workflow solution for e-signature in companies

Once remote signature has been installed, the full spectrum of MOXIS can be used immediately. The positive feedback of XiTrust customers is not least so compelling because MOXIS can be made a part of all industries – from pharmaceuticals, human resource providers, healthcare, public agencies, trades and crafts, construction, social institutions, to name but a few. They benefit from the adaptability to individually defined company processes. Example of automated workflows and processes: In MOXIS, you can manually create each order, or simply preconfigure certain processes. The addressed persons are then automatically invited to provide a signature.

Maximum integration capability

With Word2MOXIS, signature processes can be directly launched in MS Word.That is good news for all IT managers: MOXIS matches your existing system, and not the other way around. Perfect integration into third-party systems can be seen in the example of Word2MOXIS: Using this tool, anything you can achieve with MOXIS can already be performed when creating a Word document – without having to leave the Word user interface! This also applies to any other standard document-generating or processing systems such as SAP, SharePoint or other ERP systems. In this, the standard configuration of MOXIS is not a cloud solution, rather it is hosted as a internal company web service. This ensures that sensitive documents will never leave the confines of the company’s own IT infrastructure. For those who do not wish to or cannot host MOXIS directly in the company, this requirement is covered by a cloud version, without making sacrifices in data security, however.

The vast integration capability of MOXIS is the result of some 15 years of experience. No other signature folder offers a comparable track record or covers as many industries. MOXIS is the workflow solution for the implementation of e-signature in companies! For XiTrust, strong practical relevance was always the main focus in the development of MOXIS. A customer testimonial sums it all up: “The other (suppliers) may speak our language, but they don’t understand us!”

Placeholders that offer more

It is precisely in this context that the sophisticated placeholder concept of MOXIS originated. Using the placeholder, you can select where the signature will later be visible in the document. You can upload a signature image or simply save an individual writing sample directly in MOXIS. The placeholder can be assigned not only to a particular person but also to a function, e.g. Managing Director, or to a particular department.

The placeholder indicates where your signature belongs and upon bearing signature, it is converted into the signature image.

The practical advantage of this placeholder concept: Already through the selection of a corresponding placeholder, a particular workflow can already be automatically initiated. This selection does not need to be repeated each time, instead it can be predefined for the particular process and saved as a template.

MOXIS decision-making tool

Why was XiTrust MOXIS described in the beginning as a decision-making tool? MOXIS reflects parallel and sequential signature processes and configures them – in every conceivable combination.

In XiTrust MOXIS, parallel and sequential signature processes can be mirrored.It is very easy to define the various decision levels within one signature transaction: At the beginning of the signature process, it is determined and in what sequence a document is to be signed, in order for the corresponding work process to be initiated and carried out. This functions internally, yet it is also very easy to add external signatures.

A practical example may help to illustrate this: The human resources service provider GULP, which belongs to the Randstad Group, has been working successfully with MOXIS since 2018 (see Case Study). The core business of GULP consists of bringing employers together with highly-qualified freelancers. Before a signature-ready employment contract goes out to the freelancer, it needs to be internally signed with MOXIS by at least two people. In the final step, MOXIS now offers the option of allowing the freelancer access to the electronic signature folder in order to render the last outstanding signature.

Paperless batch

As employment contracts literally arrive at human resource service providers in batches, any number of such contracts can be signed at once in MOXIS. A single signature is sufficient to sign 30 contracts in the same instance, for example, thus rendering them all legally valid. What can sometimes take weeks via mail, especially if one of the signatures comes from overseas, can be handled in MOXIS in short order – both figuratively and literally.

The time savings associated with this batch signature is an obvious benefit. The electronic signature also eliminates the need for cross media conversions: Integrated digitalization makes the paper-based procedure of printing out, signing and scanning slowly fade into a footnote of the past. Sometimes, the live business of the digital transformation actually begins with the disappearance of paper without a trace.

With XiTrust MOXIS, you always make the right decision.