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E-mail security by the XiTrust Mailing System (XMS)

More and more companies are opting option for the secure way of exchanging sensitive data via e-mail: Employee data, company figures and business documents are sent only when signed and encrypted. XiTrust has been supporting this trend for several years with innovative solutions for all industries. With the XiTrust Mailing System (XMS), XiTrust offers its customers a centrally-managed signature and encryption solution, which automatically equips all senders of a company with personal S/MIME certificates.

XMS is easy to integrate into existing e-mail infrastructure without additional installation of software at the e-mail client. XMS runs in front of the e-mail system like a firewall. By enhancing an e-mail system with electronic signature and encryption, with XMS users introduce envelopes, seals and signatures on an electronic level.


Personal individual client certificates

Instead of a central gateway certificate, XMS works with individual client certificates.

  • The sender of an e-mail can always be associated with an individual.
  • With certificates issued by an eIDAS-compliant trust center (A-Trust), the authenticity of the sender is ensured.

Fully automatic creation and central administration

Individual client certificates are issued automatically and administered centrally by XMS.

  • XMS can be easily integrated in existing e-mail infrastructure without additional installation of software at the e-mail client.
  • Centralised, enterprise-wide roll-out with certificates by XMS.
  • Certificates are issued automatically by an eIDAS-compliant trust center (A-Trust).
  • XMS is easy to administer and requires no cost of training employees, laid out for operational management.

Support of recognized standards

XMS supports internationally recognized standards for electronic signature and encryption, such as S/MIME, PGP and X.509.

  • Optional delivery of sensitive content in a password-protected PDF container, in case the recipient has not implemented any encryption infrastructure.
  • STARTTLS function is supported.
  • XMS works with Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Redundant design is possible.

The Product

XiTrust Mailing System User Interface
XiTrust Mailing System User Interface

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Wolfgang Bauer, Head of Product Development XMS

Wolfgang Bauer

Head of Product Development
XiTrust Mailing System (XMS)

“Through the years, XMS has developed a ‘vendor’s tray’ that allows us to respond to individual customer requests without the need to go into development. I simply choose a workflow and just rearrange it.”

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