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XiTrust Business Server

The smart way of doing business


Would you like to also make your business processes more efficient, more secure and smarter, and what’s more, still have the freedom to decide yourself? With the XiTrust Business Server, you can easily implement electronic signature and encryption for electronic billing, audit-compliant archiving and many more applications.

The XiTrust Business Server is centrally integrated into your IT landscape and offers network connectivity via different interfaces to our individual applications (i.e. ERP systems, archive server). With freely configurable process flows, it adapts to all your business processes and with its modular configuration, it offers a solution that is customized to your needs.


Sign, verify and archive invoices

By law, the integrity of the content and the authenticity of the origin of an electronic invoice must be always guaranteed.


  • Elimination of printing and franking on the sender’s side.
  • Savings of long lead times when sending an invoice by mail.
  • Elimination of manual sorting of incoming invoices.
  • Automation capability for further processing (e.g. automated import into the bookkeeping system).

Audit-compliant archiving of documents

Digital audit-compliant archiving is an essential element of numerous electronic business processes.


  • Use of economical and conventional storage media (e.g. hard drive arrays).
  • Validation of document formats for their archive suitability.
  • Conversion of PDF or office documents to PDF/A documents, in order to render them suitable for archiving.
  • Automatic verification of integrity when retrieving the archived documents.

Sign documents directly in the workflow system

With the products of XiTrust, an electronic signature is introduced into our workflow systems and electronic business processes.


  • Guarantee of the legally required immutability and authenticity of electronic documents.
  • Elimination of the efficiency drawbacks due to printing out and signing documents.
  • Automatic or manual release and signatures directly out of the workflow system.

  • Centralized: Easy maintenance and operation, thanks to a centralized solution
  • Flexible: Most companies have heterogeneous IT landscapes (different systems, manufactures and platforms). Thanks to the interfaces and the workflow concept, the Xitrust Business Server adapts to your individual requirements and your infrastructure.
  • Expandable: The XiTrust Business Server features a modular design. Depending upon the scope of functions you are seeking, this allows you to acquire only the modules you really need.
  • Scalability & high-availability: As your company grows, so do your IT requirements. The XiTrust Secure Business Server can parallel process any number of workstations and different routines.

XiTrust Business Server matches with your business processes!

The XiTrust Business Server adjusts comfortably to your business processes by means of configurable workflows. A workflow consists of different concatenated modules. Your individual workflows are initially configured via a workflow manager. XiTrust Business Server subsequently executes these workflows automatically.

More than 50 different modules are available:

  • Generation of signatures & verification (PDF, XMLDsig, MS-Office, S/MIME, PKCS#7, ..)
  • Encryption/decryption (S/MIME, PDF, File, …)
  • Archive signature (generation & verification XadES-A, …)
  • Time stamping (generation, verification, integration in PDF, e-mail, …)
  • E-Government (MOA delivery service, PDF, Official Signature, e-mail Official Signature, …)
  • Storage/archiving (PDF-A validation & conversion, database storage, …)

In case you are missing a workflow module for a specific task, it can be implemented with little effort thanks to the modular concept.

Direct integration of many IT systems

XiTrust Business Server offers various standard connectors and interfaces in order to connect your IT systems. Thus, your different systems can be expanded to the corresponding secure technologies:

  • E-mail systems like MS-Exchange, Lotus Notes, Groupwise: extension to central, secure e-mail traffic, proof of delivery etc.
  • Archiving systems like SER, IBM Content Manager: extension to archive signature, PDF/A, time stamping etc.
  • Document workflow systems like Webmethods, MS-Sharepoint: extension to document signature, Official Signature etc.
  • ERP systems like SAP/R3 and Navision: extension to electronically signed invoices, orders etc.

Our connectors support direct integration of many IT systems, e.g. webservices (SOAP), e-mail (SMTP, POP3, IMAP), exchange directories, FTP or direct SAP integration via an ABAP object.

Nothing is left for a stepwise securing of your business processes and IT systems.

Service & Support

Customer Support

Our highly qualified support team is at your side with help and advice when using our products.


Consulting & Project Management

Together, we will find the right solution for your requirements.


Wolfgang Bauer, Head of Product Development XBS

Wolfgang Bauer

Head of Product Development
XiTrust Business Server (XBS)

“Through the years, XBS has developed a ‘vendor’s tray’ that allows us to respond to individual customer requests without the need to go into development. I simply choose a workflow and just rearrange it.”

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