MOXIS in Practice – Episode 2: Signing Rounds

MOXIS in Practice – Episode 2: Signing Rounds
29 Mar 2019

In our series “MOXIS in Practice”, we’ll portray the features of the eSign solution MOXIS in a weekly rhythm. In this way, the individual pieces of the puzzle are put together to grasp the big picture. MOXIS is at the center of the universe of eSigning!

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The most important signature

Signatures are decisions. They decide on the approval of financial funds. They initiate enterprise processes. They conclude contracts. They say go or stop. Signing rounds in MOXIS reflect a user-defined basis for all decision processes of a company requiring signatures. With MOXIS, several signers may sign an individual document in parallel. The alternative to this is the sequential signature. Here, the sequence is specified in which signatures are to be rendered, in order for a document to receive its legal validity.

MOXIS can be used in versatile combinations. If the workflow provides for a document‘s being initially being signed by three department heads, they sign it in parallel. Subsequently, if a particular hierarchy needs to be followed: First the head of finance signs, followed by the signature of the managing director. This completes the process. If the workflow requires it, the procedure can also be defined in the opposite order.

Signing in MOXIS

Using signing rounds, any given signing workflow can be mapped in MOXIS

MOXIS is democratic. It reflects majority decisions. For example, if three of the five invited signatories have rendered their signature, the document receives its legal validity.

It is this scope of possibilities that makes MOXIS a decision-making tool! It supports decision-making processes. It makes them visible. It shapes them and allows them to always be re-adjusted to current needs.

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