MOXIS in Practice – Episode 5: Roles & Representatives

MOXIS in Practice – Episode 5: Roles & Representatives
19 Apr 2019

In our series “MOXIS in Practice”, we’ll portray the features of the eSign solution MOXIS in a weekly rhythm. In this way, the individual pieces of the puzzle are put together to grasp the big picture. MOXIS is at the center of the universe of eSigning!

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Episode 5: Roles & Representatives

Playing the lead role

Using the placeholder concept, a particular person is specified to sign the document at a clearly-defined place within a workflow. MOXIS can also visualize the signatory‘s role in the company. The roles in the company are always linked to particular persons, whose signatures guarantee that the workflow will not come to a halt. The head of accounting, the manager in the finance department, the head of human resources: Their signatures have special weight in each respective context. These are all features we have built into MOXIS. MOXIS visualizes the current role of each individual.

Many companies have already stored roles and hierarchies in the active directory within their network. MOXIS knows this as well, and it can automatically filter the persons behind the roles out of the active directory. If the signature of the head of sales is required, MOXIS queries who currently has this role. As a result, The document immediately lands in the proper signature folder. The work step of creating these hierarchies is eliminated. With MOXIS, signature workflows can be centrally administered out of the active directory.

MOXIS Features: Roles and Representatives
Enjoy your holidays – by designating a substitute in MOXIS

MOXIS also has a heart for those on personal leave: Persons not in the company for a particular time period, because they are taking annual leave, can use MOXIS to designate a substitute in the company who can render signatures during their absence.

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