MOXIS in Practice – Episode 7: Identity Providers

MOXIS in Practice – Episode 7: Identity Providers
10 May 2019

In our series “MOXIS in Practice”, we’ll portray the features of the eSign solution MOXIS in a weekly rhythm. In this way, the individual pieces of the puzzle are put together to grasp the big picture. MOXIS is at the center of the universe of eSigning!

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Episode 7: Identity Providers

Qualified from a single source

The highest level of electronic signature is referred to as qualified. The signatures thus executed are legally binding and equivalent to a handwritten signature. The focus is on a qualified certificate and corresponding authentication: The certificate is synonymous with the “digital identity card”.

MOXIS uses precisely such digital identities for legally-secure remote signatures. An example of this is xIDENTITY, the eIDAS-compliant identity of the Trust Center A-Trust: the one-time video identification process required for registration can be launched directly from MOXIS if required. After successful activation, signing via mobile phone is now possible in MOXIS. Thus, everything that is required for the eSignature in your company is supplied from a single source.

Signing by fingerprint – just one possibility when opting for remote signature via xIDENTITY

On the other hand, for those who wish to work with another provider for remote signatures or are required to do so due to local legislation, no problem. The Swisscom All-In Signing Service is already integrated into MOXIS, other leading identity providers can be connected to MOXIS as well. In this, MOXIS takes on the role of a central interface between the providers and your company.

MOXIS users can also decide whether they prefer to use a signature card for qualified signing instead of their mobile phone and the remote signature – including a pre-configuration of the preferred method. MOXIS is extremely versatile and is always geared to the wishes of its users.

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