MOXIS in Practice – Episode 6: External Signers

MOXIS in Practice – Episode 6: External Signers
26 Apr 2019

In our series “MOXIS in Practice”, we’ll portray the features of the eSign solution MOXIS in a weekly rhythm. In this way, the individual pieces of the puzzle are put together to grasp the big picture. MOXIS is at the center of the universe of eSigning!

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Episode 6: External Signers

Simply borderless

MOXIS knows no borders. This is manifest when working with external employees. Like any person within your company, this group can also very easily sign with MOXIS.

The signature process is identical to the one with which you are familiar from internal processes. The client stores a document that has to be signed externally. This may be the employment contract with a freelancer who is located abroad and wants to avoid the time-consuming method of sending documents by mail. If the document is ready and visible on your dashboard, you can invite someone to sign it. The external employee receives a notification e-mail and can now initiate the signature procedure in the MOXIS user interface.

Invite external signers in MOXIS via e-mail

If the signatory already has the possibility of using remote signature, he can immediately use it to sign the document – regardless of which provider is preferred. If he still lacks the necessary digital identity for remote signature, however, he can receive one in just a few minutes, for example, using the video identification procedure of the service.

Now the document can be signed immediately! As the client, you have already positioned the placeholder as the location for the signature in the document. The external signer can even select from his own signature image. One click on “Sign“, and the legally signed document appears on the dashboard of the client: “Completed!“

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