All electronic signatures.
All business processes.
All industries.
One product.

MOXIS – all you can sign.

This is why companies digitize with MOXIS.

Flexible deployment.

How you run MOXIS is up to you. MOXIS allows all three common hosting models. No matter which you choose: MOXIS’ range of services has the same scope and quality in every scenario. Whether you are aiming for an external or internal solution, MOXIS leads the way together with you.

In the Public Cloud,

in the Private Cloud

or On-Premises.

All cloud variants are operated in a European high-security data center.

Enterprise Business Application.

MOXIS fits seamlessly into your IT architecture and communicates fluently with all existing systems – including other signature solutions. MOXIS offers:

Batch signature: Sign up to 100 documents electronically with a single mouse click

Signature workflows: MOXIS maps decision hierarchies 1:1. Parallel and sequential workflows of any signature quality can be created and saved as templates

External signatures: The integration of external signers is performed with 100 % data security

Form Fields: Individual document creation or assignment of existing form fields. Existing contracts can be processed immediately in MOXIS

API: Our API enables straightforward integration. In addition, MOXIS offers out-of-the-box integrations with your leading systems such as SAP or Salesforce


Standard, advanced and qualified signatures. With MOXIS, you have it all. MOXIS is eIDAS compliant and stands for the highest form of data security and integrity. In Switzerland, MOXIS operates in compliance with the signature law ZertES. European data centers guarantee strict compliance with the GDPR. You retain control of your data at all times.


masters all signature qualities by default: standard, advanced and – in particular – qualified signature (SES/AES/QES)

fully complies with eIDAS and ZertES

as well as GDPR and the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP).

is FDA compliant but not subject to the US CLOUD Act.

In addition, XiTrust naturally complies with all relevant ISO standards.


MOXIS is used all over the world. Despite the differences in international law, it meets the requirements for electronic signatures everywhere in every jurisdiction worldwide. This means that the electronic signature folder provides absolute planning security for its users in all branches.

Internationally established customers of XiTrust successfully use MOXIS:

In Europe,

in Asia,

in the USA,

in South America.

Leading companies are already digitizing their signature processes with MOXIS. When will you start?

Extract from the MOXIS customer reviews.

Reinhard H.
Division Manager Deputy in Austria
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"In terms of the system, it can receive documents via an interface or be used as a "stand-alone" variant. In the business environment, the management of documents for signing is done via an interface to the DMS. The software enables electronic legal signatures to be applied to documents. The software is easy to use as a user."
Robert J.
Managing Director in Germany
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"Signatures of inter-company contracts are quickly obtained, forwarded and thus "ticked off". For a company like mine, many things are "oversized" and thus a great luxury. But the benefit - quickly done - in the signature process is extremely high for me.speed in obtaining signatures from - globally - distributed signature providers and easy forwarding of the documents."

The solution für your industry.

It's MOXIS – All you can sign.

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Automotive & Industrie

Finanzen, Versicherungen & Recht

Handel & Bildung


Healthcare, Pharmazeutik & Medizintechnik

Wohnbau & Infrastruktur


Bau-, Transport- & Verkehrswesen

Andere Branchen

Automotive & Industrial Sector.

Industrial companies that are internationally positioned and based on decentralized structures need digital solutions that fit exactly. MOXIS ensures legal certainty regardless of the regional and national economic area.

Finance, Insurance & Law.

Insurance companies and banks use MOXIS, among other things, to expand their end-customer service portfolios. Here, customer platforms are created into which electronic signatures with MOXIS can be easily and quickly integrated.

Commerce & Education.

Certificates, official notices and other important documents can only be fully digitized using eSignature.

Personnel Services.

With electronic signatures, personnel service providers achieve digitization of employment contracts, confidential documents and orders. Location- and time-independent signatures accelerate the core business.

Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology.

Uncompromising quality is a basic requirement for the work of the pharmaceutical industry. eSignatures turn documents into quality documents that stand up internationally.

Housing & Infrastructure.

Companies from the housing construction sector or telecommunications providers also appreciate MOXIS because it reflects their core business: Reliability, service to the customer and broad future prospects.

Energy Supply.

With MOXIS, energy suppliers use a signature solution that is itself sustainable because it conserves the precious raw material paper and because it offers investment security through constant adaptation to rapidly changing needs.

Construction, Transport & Traffic.

The construction industry is working with more and more digital tools, for example when it comes to keeping a construction diary more transparent and secure in order to achieve transparent solutions on screen.

Other Industries.

MOXIS is an industry-independent tool. At the same time, this means that the electronic signature folder fits perfectly into existing systems and can be integrated in a customized manner.

How MOXIS helps the BMW Group to save costs.