eSignature in vogue

eSignature in vogue
09 Nov 2020

The textile trading company BESTSELLER signs with MOXIS

In her position as in-house legal counsel Patricia Leeb is responsible for legal services and contract management for the fashion giant BESTSELLER. She has discovered the perfect tool for electronic signatures to efficiently deal with the large volume of contracts. This tool is MOXIS, the electronic signature folder.

With brands such as JACK & JONES, VERO MODA or ONLY, the Danish textile trading company BESTSELLER raises an annual revenue of 3.3 billion euros. The family-run Scandinavian company also ranks among the three largest fashion enterprises in Europe. 17.000 employees woven into a network of branches all over the world bring fashion to both women and men equally. One of them is Patricia Leeb. As legal counsel, she is responsible for all legally relevant topics of the East Region.

Extensive contract management

The in-house legal expert, Patricia Leeb, lays the contractual foundation for retail and wholesale. “The entire contract management goes through my department,” she explains. “Contracts are the backbone of our business. This includes corporate legal documents, lease contracts for the shops, employment contracts and supply agreements among many others, all which require signatures.” According to the legal expert, the large volume of contracts involved can only be tackled with a consistent, digitalized solution. The first steps have been taken: as from this year BESTSELLER uses MOXIS, the electronic signature solution.
For many years, the digitalization process has formed part of the company’s strategy at BESTSELLER. The implementation of the electronic signature was an urgent need that was even more triggered by the COVID situation. Patricia Leeb explains how dear the project was to her. She first joined the fashion corporation as an expert in law, since the focus of her expertise relied on contract law in an international context. “In a nationally oriented firm, I would not have had the opportunity to work in an international environment. At BESTSELLER my tasks are far more diverse and international due to the global view of the company.”

Women in leadership positions

Patricia Leeb
Patricia Leeb,
Legal Counsel at BESTSELLER

Diversity is also one of the aspects Patricia Leeb most likes about her employer beyond the challenges of her job. “You can perceive that we are a family-run business despite the size of the company. In our company there is great awareness for health and the employees benefit from these kinds of offerings.” Leeb points out there is a deep reaching transformation taking place in the working world. Lived values are changing: “Who stays the longest in the office is the most valued employee?! No, those times are over. An intact work-life-balance requires being committed to your work and quality awareness in a sustainable way.” She enjoys the fact that 70 percent of the management positions at BESTSELLER are held by women. Could it be that women are the better managers? Leeb says: “In my experience women are very good managers and very fact-oriented in their daily work life when they work together. You can perceive the mutual appreciation. No personal issues are at the core, but rather more the thought of getting the job done efficiently.”

Efficiency with MOXIS

Patricia Leeb is convinced of the efficiency of the electronic signature with MOXIS: “We are not only saving valuable time for those at management level. With the analogue version, scanning and printing were part of every-day-life apart from the bothersome paperwork. With only a few clicks in MOXIS we got rid of this burden and left those times behind!”
Just like many other companies, BESTSELLER has figured out solutions for employees working from home due to COVID-19. Leeb explains that due to this new constellation, implementing a digital signature solution became even more urgent. “I am convinced that the awareness for digital solutions has increased once again. Regarding electronic signatures, I hope that all our business partners start using the eSignature by default. This would make everything much more simple.”