Signing Pleasure!

Signing Pleasure!
05 Dec 2019

XiTrust Secure Technologies cooperates with the BMW Group on administrative issues. In the context of digitalization, this applies in particular to electronic signature processes. This can be seen as an example in contract management. With XiTrust MOXIS, electronic signatures are processed efficiently and future-oriented.

The use of the most comprehensive signature solution for companies on the European market is a giant step forward for all process participants. With MOXIS, XiTrust offers these customized signature workflows. Lean and time-saving processes offer a benefit for the BMW Group internally as well as for external partners.

With the service, XiTrust relies on an integral concept for eSignatures. In addition, this ensures the legal framework for the digital identity with respect to the legally valid, qualified electronic signature (QES) for all participating companies, including the BMW Group. The XiTrust Business Server (XBS) ensures quality assurance for all process partners with its wide range of applications such as digital time stamps, long-term signatures and electronic archiving.

However, MOXIS offers even more. The focus is on the vision of a resource-saving paperless office as an important contribution to sustainability and environmental protection. With MOXIS, XiTrust ensures speed and grip in all signature processes regarding contract management at the BMW Group. Signing pleasure!

Photo: © BMW Group