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Titelbild RBI

Raiffeisen Bank International

Raiffeisen Bank International uses electronic signatures with MOXIS, among other things for account openings, as well as for internal and external contract conclusions.

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Tower am Flughafen

MOXIS takes off

Markus Pleil is Service Manager at Austrian air navigation service provider Austro Control. He and his team of internal and external employees provide the cloudbased and on-premise ICT infrastructure. If you ask him to summarize his task in one sentence, his answer is: “I am responsible to ensure that our employees can work efficiently.” And this is precisely what they have been doing with MOXIS since last year.

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Frau sitzt vor Monitor

Future in the cloud is the largest job portal in Austria. For its internal signature workflows, the company was looking for a product that would guarantee qualified electronic signatures not only in the EU, but also in Switzerland. With XiTrust MOXIS in the SaaS version, CFO Sibylle Nowak has found the perfect solution for her company.

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Modische Frau mit Einkaufstaschen

E-signature in vogue

In her position as in-house legal counsel Patricia Leeb is responsible for legal services and contract management for the fashion giant BESTSELLER. She has discovered the perfect tool for electronic signatures to efficiently deal with the large volume of contracts. This tool is MOXIS, the electronic signature folder.

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Kaiser Partner Privatbank

A clean solution

In cooperation with XiTrust-Partner Swisscom, the qualified electronic signature is now present in Lichtenstein’s soil. The Kaiser Partner Privatbank based in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) was not only searching for an electronic signature solution that could rapidly be implemented, but also for a top-notch user-friendly solution. It is no wonder their choice promptly fell for MOXIS.

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Personen lehnen an eine Wand mit Smartphone in der Hand

A simple story: Hutchison Three

The telecommunications provider Three Austria has implemented a simple, but yet highly effective signature solution for immediate use. Martin Diewald, IT Manager at Hutchison Three Austria, started searching for an electronic signature solution for Management Board documents at the beginning of the pandemic. Eventually, MOXIS was the only solution that fulfilled his requirements.

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Innenansicht Labor

Documented quality

XiTrust MOXIS and its support for quality management in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Infopoint in der Ibis Acam

ibis acam: A step ahead with MOXIS

The education centre ibis acam uses electronic signatures for a wide scope of quality management services for their customers. MOXIS plays a central role in supporting the digitalization process of the company.

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Empfang innerhalb der Adecco

The logical consequence

The leading personnel service provider employs XiTrust MOXIS and the qualified eSignature

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Medizinische Universität Graz von der Außenansicht

More time for research and academia

The solution from XiTrust enables a legally-compliant electronic signature with the comfort of batch signature as well as the legal electronic dispatch of notices to the students.

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Efficiency levers for personnel service providers

GEDAT is one of the most renowned IT companies in Germany with focus on the temporary labour and staffing industry. The partnership between XiTrust and GEDAT unites the core products TIME JOB and MOXIS: a complete personnel management solution including electronic signatures.

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A room with a view

“Our spectrum in contract management is enormously broad. Thanks to the possibility of the electronic signature, the time and effort required for signing has decreased significantly,” explains Sabine Suppan. “We can now do it from anywhere.”

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Frau an Laptopt in einem

Freedom for freelancers

More and more companies have therefore opted for the legally valid remote signature. An example is the German personnel service provider GULP, whose contract management is aimed at cooperation with highly qualified freelancers.

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SVA Gebäude von der Außenansicht

Enhanced efficiency, speed and security

For SVA, the great advantage of the digital signature folder lies in the possibility of signing documents at any time and from any location. The MOXIS app for the iPad makes mobile signing even easier. In addition, a large part of the logistical effort that arises when paper documents have to be physically transported back and forth between several authorised signatories and departments has disappeared.

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Maschinen der Habau

A tool you can build on

With MOXIStoolkit, the signing function is completely integrated into existing internal enterprise systems. The use of electronic signature essentially runs behind the scenes.

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Mitarbeiterinnen von AWO Saarland

Focus on people

AWO Saarland works actively with XiTrust MOXIS, which provides invaluable support to workers welfare service organization, especially in personnel matters. In a company of this size, lawmakers prescribe a precisely-defined, scheduled procedure, in terms of hiring practices, for example. The process participants in this case are the persons responsible for the institutions, the central human resource department, data protection and the works council. Process precision and process stability, along with transparency for all process participants, are the key components in the system.

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AVL Gebäude von außen

Culture of precision

For AVL, the decision for MOXIS was also influenced by global aspects. The company deliberately looked for an eSign solution that would work worldwide as well as at the headquarters in Graz.

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