Creating the future

Creating the future
04 Mar 2021

The Xperts User Board rolls out at XiTrust

With the Xperts User Board, XiTrust improves customer’s opportunity to shape MOXIS. This independent committee is formed by representatives from voestalpine, BMW and Adecco among others and exercises active influence on product development. Chair of the committee is Markus Pleil (Austro Control).

Being able to actively participate in the creation of the solution was important to Markus Pleil when searching for a signature solution for Austro Control. “While other providers end their service with the delivery of the product, XiTrust merely just begins,” explains ICT Manager Pleil. “Among all providers we took a closer look at, XiTrust was the only one that offered customers the opportunity to have a say in the development of the product.”

With the Xperts User Board, XiTrust consistently continues along this path. Being an independent forum, the Board relies on the regular input of their stakeholders whose electronic signature requirements differ depending on their sector. Georg Lindsberger, XiTrust CEO, underlines: “The objective is to bundle together the expertise and experience of the participants concerning MOXIS. This is why knowledge transfer within the Board will be one of the cornerstones.”

Actively involving users was part of XiTrust’s philosophy from the start. The electronic signature with MOXIS has grown out of the experience of customers from all sectors. Many of the features currently integrated in MOXIS are the result of an intensive exchange with XiTrust customers.

An expert as Chair of the Board

Among the companies participating in the User Board are corporations like BMW, voestalpine, Austria’s ATM Austro Control, Lenzing AG, Wiener Netze, Raiffeisen-Landesbank Styria and the personnel service provider Adecco. At first, the Xperts User Board will meet twice a year. Lindsberger adds: “We will get started in March 2021 and we are very happy to count on an expert like Markus Pleil as Chair of our committee.”

Markus-PleilService Manager Pleil early discovered the potential of electronic signatures and placed this item at the top of the digitalization agenda of Austria Control in the meantime. Just as Markus Pleil himself, XiTrust’s client base is appreciated by the possibility of putting forward their own ideas and contributing with valuable input based on daily practice to enhance MOXIS performance. “The work of the User Board is an exciting challenge and will generate valuable input”, assures the future Chair of the committee. “Product development should never be a one-way street.”