A simple story: Hutchison Three

A simple story: Hutchison Three
01 Oct 2020

Telco provider Hutchison Three signs with MOXIS

The telecommunications provider Three Austria has implemented a simple, but yet highly effective signature solution for immediate use. Martin Diewald, IT Manager at Hutchison Three Austria, started searching for an electronic signature solution for Management Board documents at the beginning of the pandemic. Eventually, MOXIS was the only solution that fulfilled his requirements.

Martin Diewald
Martin Diewald,
IT Manager

Despite his 20-year trajectory in the IT industry, Martin Diewald has always preserved one thing: his enthusiasm for strategic IT solutions. The Head of Office Collaboration at Three says that he is especially interested in people and in finding process tools to help them to carry out their tasks. “It is exciting to bridge the gap between sales, support and technology.” Martin Diewald pays special attention on the simplification of systems used at work on a daily basis: “Everytime we succeed, we immediately become more efficient and achieve a higher performance.”

Fresh thinking

For Martin Diewald the perspective is decisive in terms of digitalisation, especially when it is about process automation – not only within the company but also towards their customers. Diewald: “In our roll as consultants, it is our responsibility to intervene in the corporate culture of our customers. This includes changing thinking patterns. You don’t have to be present in a certain place or get on a plane to complete a task.”
Helping customers adapt to this new situation is a demand the telecommunications provider, with 3.8 million customers, faces in everyday practice. Working paperless, is one of the main objectives of the Hutchinson Three IT Support. The electronic signature has particularly started to gain an important role this year.
The eSignature project was started at the Management Board of Three. Due to the contact limited possibilities at the beginning of the pandemic, the need to find a process to enable the signature of documents of all kinds from any place and also to confirm tasks and services, rapidly became visible. A good reason to introduce a streamlined digital signature process, since Management Board documents usually require several signatures. “This became impossible in the analogue form”, says Martin Diewald.

Striving for a solution-oriented approach

Given the urgency and the time horizon, the project seemed to almost have failed. The market research conducted by Martin Diewald turned out to be quite challenging. He was not only searching for a comprehensive solution for electronic signatures, but also for a solution that could immediately be implemented. No provider appeared to meet his ambitious requirements profile at the beginning until he contacted XiTrust in Graz. “I immediately met nice and competent business partners. A solution-oriented approach was the focus from the very beginning. That was impressive.”
In an online workshop for the executives, the entire lifecycle of signatures was simulated in addition to extensive training in the use of the electronic signature folder MOXIS. After just a few days, Hutchison Three was capable of integrating MOXIS into the operational processes.

Ease of use

Headquarter von Hutchison Drei Austria
Initially, XiTrust especially scored because of the fast implementation of the digital signature folder MOXIS. The software promptly showed its strengths in an extended scope. MOXIS is eIDAS-compliant and therefore fitted perfectly with the compliance rules of the telecommunications provider. In the beginning, MOXIS was used as Software-as-a-Service by XiTrust, which also contributed to the fast implementation.
This new signature solution is totally to the taste of the Collaboration Manager Diewald: “The huge advantage of MOXIS consists of its ease of use. We have not only implemented the electronic signature, but actually a workflow-oriented ready-made solution that we can use to create and manage signatures in the company in a transparent and accurate way.”
Martin Diewald plans on operating MOXIS as an on-premises solution in the company’s own data centre in the future and hence, directing the internal roll-out to further hierarchies in a targeted manner. Diewald sums up: “We have a good feeling in this project working together with our new partner XiTrust. Besides the fact that everything works seamlessly, it’s actually real fun!”